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Types of Printing Defects

Defect in Ofset Printing
Defect in Flexo Printing

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Types of Corrugation Defects

A) Single Facer and Doublebacker Defects
B) Splicer Defects
C) Corrugating Rolls Defects
D) Nc Cutter Defects

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What is Corrugation ?

It is the group of machine which converted paper into the corrugated board as per customer need and standards requirement like b.s, C.s FCT, Board GSM, Box Weight.
A) Single Facer
B) Doublebacker/ Pasting Machine
C) NC Cutter
D) Rottery
E) Splicer

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What is FCT ?

In the flat crush test, a single-flute corrugated cardboard specimen is loaded perpendicular to its surface. The resistance this corrugated board presents to the force provides an indication of its behavior during processing and in use

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What is GSM ?

Gramage per sq meter
i.e Gramage present in one sq meter Area, it may be squre, rectangle, trangle.
Gram/mtr 2

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What is B.f ?

Is it bursting factor of paper.
B.F= ( B.S x 1000 )/GSM

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